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This page is designed for those who are looking to buy a house in Portland, OR. This website is where you will find the most up to date listings by Portland neighborhood or by price point. Why did I set it up this way? Easy! 


If you know which neighborhood where you would like to buy, it's best practice to focus on that neighborhood and know every house that's on the market. You want to be ready to jump on that perfect house. Even if you're not quite ready to buy just yet, it's still ideal to understand the real estate market that you know will be in your future. If you know you want to buy in North Portland, then you don't need to be sidetracked by homes in NE Portland or SE Portland.  I'm committed to being a Portland Real Estate agent who provides home buyers with the most focused information so that they can be successful in their real estate search.


Don't know which neighborhood where you would like to buy? How about starting with a pricepoint? As home buyers, we're all on a budget, and it helps to understand what you can purchase at your price point and a price point a little lower and a little higher.  Again, it's all about providing as much real estate knowledge as possible in an easy to digest format. I've created this website myself and am always happy to add more information, so please let me know if adding additional criteria would be helpful in your Portland Oregon home search. 


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