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Are you thinking of buying a home or selling a home in Portland, Oregon? Well, then you will want to know the real estate market trends. The data from previous Home Sales in Portland, Oregon, will provide the informational roadmap on how to best proceed.


Having 24 months of data on the List Price vs. Sold Price, Days on Market, and number of Homes Sold will allow you to make the most informed decisions regarding your home sale or home purchase. You will be able to quickly see how the current market activity tracks with past market activity to forecast potential future market activity.


You will also be able to learn if the market is a seller's market or a buyer's market, and if the market is fast-moving or slow-moving. So much information derived from three easy-to-read charts. These charts are always showing the most current 24 months of data for each neighborhood. I've created these charts myself, so I can always add additional information upon request. If you feel other charts or graphs would be helpful, please let me know. 

Home Values in Portland Oregon