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10 Signs You May Be an Indecisive, Beginner DIY'er

  1. Your crisper drawer is full of used paintbrushes, stain sponges, and rollers, all wrapped in cling film and Ziploc bags.

  2. Random tools, parts, and cans of deck sealer no longer seem out of place in the kitchen.

  3. Trim is missing from most windows and doors. And you've been ping-ponging between various styles of baseboards for over a year.

  4. You've long since forgotten why you felt the need to keep this pile of screws and nails on your office desk.

  5. Newly installed fixtures hang on walls that still wear the paint outline of the previous fixture.

  6. The temporary countertop of butcher block and plywood has been around for so long that it no longer triggers your OCD.

  7. Your garage or basement walls are lined with extra pieces of wood.

  8. The wheelbarrow is always lingering around, just full of different project stuff.

  9. You notice neighbors slow down as they walk or drive by your house, side-eyeing your latest DIY madness.

  10. Any open fence is lined with extra pieces of wood and whatever other materials you need to keep around but are sick of looking at and tired of tripping over.

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