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45% FASTER than Last Year: NE PORTLAND Homes Selling in 24 DAYS🏡📈

NE Portland homes are selling at a median speed of 24 days, which is 45% faster than the 44 days of January 2023. This is positive housing market news for NE Portland home sellers. However, it must be noted that the 24 days of January 2024 are 71% slower than the 14 days of January 2021, which was the fastest housing market in January over the last four years.

Here's an excellent tip if you're buying a home or selling a home: Days-on-Market (DOM) is a critically important market trend because it instantly tells you the housing market's speed and the speed of the housing market tells you everything you need to know as a home buyer or home seller. If the location has a consistent DOM under 10 days, it's a fast-moving housing market with bidding wars and rising prices, also known as a seller's market. As the DOM increases above the 10-day mark towards the 20s or 30s, you can expect a slower housing market with less competition and the ability to negotiate prices, also known as a buyer's market.

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Speed of NE Portland Housing Market - Jan 2021 to Jan 2024

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