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DIY WORKBENCH DESIGN (Beginner Friendly, Minimal Tools Required) 🛠🧰💪

I knew I wanted to build my workbenches, and this was my needs and wants list:

  • I wanted to be able to use the wood that I had in storage (I had just taken down a patio cover, and I desperately needed to use that wood)

  • Get the most worksurface possible using the smallest footprint

  • It needed to be on wheels as my workshop is small

  • Easy DIY project with minimal tools

So I scrolled around on youtube until I found a video by Ben Tardiff titled Ultimate Modular Workbench: A Design for Everyone. And bingo, I found my workbench design. In fact, it's such a simple design, I've replicated it for my tool worktables. I highly suggest anyone looking to build a simple workbench check out this video.

One significant item to note before building: Give the storage space below some thought, and modify the design as needed. I didn't give this any thought before building. Fortunately, my dust collection system and storage containers fit perfectly within the original design specs. So I was very lucky, but please learn from my mistake.

Happy building!

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