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Extending Ground Rod Wire 🛠🏡

After my front deck collapsed, I was left with a grounding wire laying diagonally across my entryway. Thankfully, a friendly electrician hooked me up with the tools and materials to extend the wire. I did some measuring and then cut the wire so I could clamp an extending wire to each end. Wrestling the wires into that damn little clamp and then desperately trying to keep it there as I used my entire body weight to clamp it down was absolutely ridiculous. It's these unforeseen little issues that irritate me more than the major thing like the deck collapsing out of nowhere. That wire refused to behave! And I had no idea if I was even doing it right. It wasn't elegant, but I managed to get it done, and I felt a huge sense of DIY accomplishment when I was finished! Maybe these little irritants are happy accidents! 😃

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