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Garage Makeover - When Fantasy Meets Reality!💪🛠

💪🛠 Wow, I made some huge mistakes covering the garage walls! I'm sharing this so that others may avoid the annoyance and hours wasted. Basically, it was a situation of fantasy meets reality. In my mind, I was going to use my myriad stacks of offcuts to create this eclectic, funky wall covering. In reality, I found that you have to cut every piece multiple times to align with the studs and the other pieces. Plus, since I planned to use a french cleat system, the offcuts needed to be the same depth. After a frustrating few days of piecing small boards into this crazy wall puzzle, I realized it didn't look that great and was way too dark. A small space needs light colors!

Even after realizing that it made more sense to use light-colored sheet goods to cover the walls, I still felt this desperate need to use the offcuts, possibly because I had to keep moving them around and finding spots to store the endless stacks on stacks. I decided to use the offcuts on the bottom of the wall where they would be hidden, and the difference in depth wouldn't matter because I wasn't planning to install the french cleats below waist height. So I hung the new materials starting from the top of the wall instead of the bottom. Of course, this is an absolutely insane decision that makes hanging sheet goods so much more difficult. Always start from the bottom and leave the offcuts for a more appropriate project!

The most annoying part of these terrible decisions is that there are plenty of uses for offcuts within the french cleat system. I'm buzzing through my offcut stacks as I create the storage boxes. In the next video, I will dive into my journey with the french cleat system.

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