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IS HOUSING DEMAND COMING BACK in Portland, OR and beyond?🏡🤼

We've been watching the Housing Supply decrease since September 2022 in Portland, OR, and the surrounding cities. Housing Demand has also been decreasing, but not at the same sharp decline as Housing Supply. This past month, Housing Demand has increased and has made a considerable mark on the Housing Inventory.

And while we want to avoid getting too excited by the month-to-month activity, it's surprising how much of an impact it had on the Housing Inventory. It will be exciting to watch the Housing Supply vs Housing Demand trend for the next few months.

This video is part of a new series called Trend Watch, where I create a set of videos featuring the most critical Housing Market trends and run them every month so that you can understand how trends work and watch the changes month by month.

I hope you find this information helpful.

Please remember I'm always here for any questions. 😃

Take care, Sheryl

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