• Sheryl Lyons

Removing Nails using Air Locker tool! 🛠🏡

After disassembling my faulty patio cover, I found myself with dozens of boards absolutely littered with nails. Not just any nails, giant spikes of nails shot into the wood with a power nailer. So I ordered the Air Locker from Amazon. I had to buy the coupler and plug set separately, which was slightly annoying, but overall it was easy to set up and start removing nails. I started shooting the nails and was a little frustrated that it didn't always shoot the nail entirely out of the board. I had to pull them out with various levels of strength. Still, it was a massive time-saver, given the number of nails I had to remove.

The patio cover salvage was a big enough project to warrant the purchase of the Air Locker, but what really sold me was that I knew I had to take my garage down to the studs, and it was covered with boards full of nails. This was a little different because I was dealing with various-sized boards and nails while indoors. I salvaged the patio cover outdoors and shot the nails into the grass. It became much more dangerous inside as I shot into cement floors covered with blankets. The tool was at its most impressive on the thin plywood ceiling. The nails were every four to six inches, and it would have taken hours to remove the nails by hand. This way, I shot them out in seconds, and I could zoom through the sheets of plywood. It was quite the puzzle maneuvering the boards in such a small area to aim the shot nails into the blankets, but otherwise, it worked as advertised.

The only issue I've found is that it can't help with nails closely bunched like these, and I wouldn't bother getting it out for just a few nails here or there, but the Air Locker is definitely worth it if you've got large projects.


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