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When I decided to purchase some large shade sails for my backyard, I thought the prices were too good to be true. They are incredibly affordable for their size and quality. The only problem? They don't come with the appropriate hardware for the shade sail installation. I didn't know where to start, but luckily, I already had the chains from draping fabric across the top of my old patio cover. So I went to my local Ace to find something to attach the chain to the hooks I was affixing to my house & shed and found this magical item called a turnbuckle.

Shade Sail Installation - Turnbuckle

The turnbuckle is so impressive because it allows you to make it longer to attach one side to the chain and the other to the hook on the house and then slowly shorten the turnbuckle to make the sail tight. If the sail isn't tight when the turnbuckle is at its shortest point, then you just have to undo it, go up a link or two in the chain, and re-tighten until you find the perfect tension.

Shade Sail Installation - Turnbuckle in Place

This is much better and safer than doing this without the turnbuckle. Trying to fight the sail, pull it tight, and attach it directly to the house can pull you off your ladder, pinch fingers, etc. At $6 a piece, the turnbuckle is well worth it!

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