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Start with WD-40!

Start with WD-40! I have a front door that only has a deadbolt. You have to use a key coming and going. The lock was very fussy, and it was always multiple tries to get the key into the lock and then to remove the key from the lock. It plagued me for months, and then one afternoon, the key got stuck in the lock, and I couldn't get it out for 10 minutes. So I took the deadbolt apart, and everything seemed to be working fine. It was then as I'm holding the pieces of my deadbolt in my hand that I thought, "I wonder if WD-40 would work." I put the deadbolt back together and got the WD-40 from the garage and gave the deadbolt a quick spritz. The lock is like brand new and works like a charm! Months of annoyance erased in less than a second. I'm hoping this story saves someone from months of aggravation! 🏡🤨

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