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Storage Options when Renovating a Small Space? 🧐🛠

When you're trying to overhaul a small garage during the rainy winter in Portland, it's difficult if you don't have covered overflow space to move everything from the garage. And since the Feb 2021 snow storm took out my patio cover, I needed to get creative.I thought about getting a storage container but decided against it when I realized it would have to reside in the street, and that would be an annoying distance to walk back and forth in the rain. So I decided to move most of the garage contents into my next-to-be renovated living room. I'm mentioning this because I thought it would be for a few weeks. It's been months, and I still have garage in my living room. Please learn from my mistake. Always double or triple the timeline when taking a room down to the studs. You will always find something hinky. Get the storage container!

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