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Was Horse Fencing a Good Choice for the DIY Gabion Wall? ๐Ÿ› ๐Ÿข๐Ÿก

Now that I'm at this point on the DIY Gabion Wall was the horse fencing a good choice? Yes, because it's genuinely workable for beginner DIY'ers. So often, you will see projects labeled as beginner DIY friendly, but then you need a workshop full of specialized tools or additional knowledge like welding for that project to be DIY. For this project, I made the gabion baskets with only these tools.

I used the baby bolt-cutters to cut the metal. And I used two regular wrenches, hog ring pliers, and hog rings to assemble the baskets. You can see that I always brought out additional tools, expecting to use them, but it wasn't necessary. Now, I wouldn't use horse fencing for a load-bearing retaining wall, but then I wouldn't consider a retaining wall a beginner DIY project. So you do need to pick an appropriate project, and then you're only limited by your creativity. Plus, I've always found that beginner projects like this metal weaving help you decide whether you want to advance to skills like welding, etc.

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