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What happens when you hire a BAD contractor to build your patio cover?

Well, it instantly leaks because the roof panels were improperly installed, and the water that does make it to the gutter immediately splashes out because the gutter was also improperly installed.

Then there's a rare snow & ice storm and your leaky, 3-year-old patio cover becomes a genuine safety hazard due to a very unhealthy bend and twist.

You diagnose that the faulty gutter prevented the snow from sliding off the roof, rip said gutter off, and help the snow to the ground.

You rent some shoring posts to secure the patio cover and then attempt to straighten it. And believe it or not, you actually straighten the patio cover and reattach the posts. Unfortunately, after removing the supports, the patio cover again bends and twists. The final consensus is that all hardware is permanently damaged, and the patio cover needs to come down.

This becomes a terrifying proposition because the patio cover is now basically a giant wooden sail on wobbly legs.

In summation, you tolerated a leaky, non-performing patio cover for three years then had to scramble like a maniac as that patio cover became a genuine safety hazard because you hired a bad contractor.

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